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HKLNA-Project Newsletter No. 22
Monthly Accomplishments (August 2004)

The lingua francas of our world have come and gone with the winds of prosperity;
the languages of our world's great nations have endured all.1

Top news
Two hundred thirty linguists, economists, political scientists, anthropologists, sociologists, and others concerned with issues related to language policy, education, and assessment have now been sent invitations to participate in last month's proposed panel and colloquim. There is some chance that more invitations will be sent out. For more information see below under the heading Community Relations.

Government relations
No change.

Community relations
Although the deadline has past for creating a special panel for the 2005 Pacific Rim Conference in January, several weeks remain before a decision must be reached with regard to hosting a colloquium on Hong Kong's universal English language (UEL) requirement for The 18th International Language in Education Conference in mid-December of this year. Let's make this conference something more than a simple reaffirmation of the status quo. East Asian governments have abused their nation's young people and the world's goodwill far too long. Do not by-pass this propitious opportunity for serious debate about the wasteful application of universal language education requirements in Hong Kong, East Asia and many other places of the world. 

If you are looking for stimulation with regard to this issue, please start with the HKLNA-Project's sections on Language as Medium and Language as Tool. If you require a more international perspective try Hong Kong's neighbors. If you are looking for hard theoretical and empirical insight with regard to the economic waste created by such policies begin with the HKLNA-Project's sections entitled Economic Modelling and Hong Kong's Bottom Line. If you are wondering about the need for goverment reform, then download and read Hong Kong's Window Dressers from EARTH's Viewpoint. Finally, if you feel that EARTH is overcritical and can offer nothing better, then begin with the HKLNA Project's first major research proposal and EARTH's open letter to the South Korean government. If this still is not enough to wet your appetite for travel and discussion, there is plenty left to review and ponder at the HKLNA-Project's website.

It takes more than seeing yourself in print to bring about political reform. Put your knowledge to good use and help EARTH to sort out fact from fiction for the people of Hong Kong, East Asia, and the world.

Show that you care. Respond to EARTH's invitation, if you have not done so already. There is still time!

Website additions and maintenance

New additions
  • Reaching Out - EARTH's unscheduled promotional blitz has pushed forward. Look under Reaching Out on the HKLNA-Project's website for new additions since July 31, 2004. They are highlighted in red.
Software update
  • A PANTHER update is in the works and EARTH's self-study of Adobe Photoshop is almost finished.
Strategy Update
Shot guns are useful for shooting moving targets, rifles are good for shooting sitting ducks and other wild game that are not on the run. EARTH shoots with a bow-and-arrow and hits its targets. Never before have so many people showed an interest in EARTH's HKLNA-Project. Perseverance, an open-mind, sound logic, a strong empirical basis, and a willingness to reach out are EARTH's keys to success.

Special thanks to Dr. SIU Hin Ho for his continued patience and to Professor Dr. Peter P. Baron for his ongoing use of EARTH's translation service and friendly counsel.

As acknowledgment to those whom EARTH has just met has sometimes led to interference from EARTH's enemies, no further acknowledgments will be made at this time.

Closing Remarks
Please do not forget to take advantage of EARTH's quality translation, research, and new tutorial service.  EARTH's survival might very well be the foundation for the HKLNA-Project's success!

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1 HKLNA-Project. Language as Medium. The fate of cross-cultural communication in Hong Kong and East Asia.