HKLNA-Project Newsletter No. 4
Monthly Accomplishments (January 2003)

1) Created an HTML form letter that introduces the HKLNA-Project to potential donors. The letter contains direct links to key elements of the HKLNA-Project including EARTH's project proposal, tentative funding structure, economic model, promotional material and other important documents. Personally addressed copies were sent to the following people and organizations:
2) Hard copies of fundraising material were sent to the following organizations at their request
3) In order to attract greater interest to the HKLNA-Project EARTH would like to make formal presentations to various organizations in the Hong Kong business and educational communities. Since funding is of foremost importance at this time EARTH has begun contacting various anglophonic chambers of commerce. Those already contacted include the
Government Relations
During the first week of January the long-awaited SCOLAR report was finally made available to the public.
Press Relations
A reporter and an editor of the South China Morning Post (Hong Kong's premier English language newspaper) have been contacted. An interview with SCMP's Beijing Reporter, Ralph Jennings, has already taken place. Another interview with the paper's Education Editor is expected soon.

Website Additions and Maintenance
Although a much neglected aspect of the HKLNA-Project this month, some progress was made in the following areas:
Strategy Update
Close my eyes and push forward.

Lunar New Year Celebration
EARTH celebrated the New Year with a festive greeting and HKLNA-Project advertisment to both stalwart supporters and  potential new adherents. A list of email addresses was compiled for individual faculty members of the economics departments of the following Hong Kong universities: Hong Kong Baptist University, Lingnan University, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, and the University of Hong Kong. Well over a hundred faculty members received copies. More than 500 additional copies were sent to various parts of the world -- including Japan -- to promote goodwill.

This time around special thanks are given to Christina YEUNG of the Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust, Ayesha OSMAN of SCOLAR, Zero WONG of the EPSON Foundation and Evani AU-YEUNG of HK-Brand for their continued effort in helping EARTH to get connected. In a similar vein Ralph Jennings of the South China Morning Post must be thanked for his patience with regard to what was likely his first lesson in the economics of private and public sector language education. Nor must I forget to thank Prof. Dr. Peter P. BARON, Dr. CHENG Wai Kei, Dr. Klaus COLANERO, Mr. LEE Kwong Kei (Abel) Dr. SIU Ho Hin, Mr. TAKAGI Kimiaki,  Dr. Juha UITTO, and Mr. Roger STEWART for their continued advice, counsel, and in some cases even financial support. To my Tokyo financial supporters I can only say: "Thanks, but who done it?" Finally, I would also like to thank the members of the bulletin board for their amazingly harsh, but generous, warm, and candid critique of the Moogoonghwa website -- the HKLNA-Project's Apple online home.  If I have left anyone out, keep thinking HKLNA and surely we will find our way!


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