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English or languish - Probing the ramifications
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The HKLNA Project Fund

Organizational Structure (Tentative)


The Hong Kong Language Needs Assessment Project Fund (HKLNA-Project Fund) is a collection of freely given money dedicated to the achievement of the Hong Kong Language Needs Assessment Project's (HKLNA-Project) goals. This is an overview of the proposed organizational structure and is likely subject to change.
  Board of Trustees
In accordance with Hong Kong jurisprudence (Hong Kong Laws) the Board of Trustees will consist of not less than three but no more than seven members. Preferably, though not necessarily, these members will be principal contributors to the HKLNA-Project Fund and share a common, but vital interest in the achievement of the project's objectives and its ultimate success. Their duties will be those set forth by the Registered Trustees Incorporation (CAP 306) and Trustee (CAP 29) Ordinances of the Hong Kong Laws.
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  HKLNA Project and Project Fund

Although a large portion of Hong Kong tax dollars are already spent on education, as a proportion of Hong Kong's gross national product this amount is very small. Further international comparison reveals that educational spending in Hong Kong is heavily skewed toward the tertiary level where the vast majority of educational money is spent on research -- not the education of Hong Kong's young adults. Moreover, very little of this research money is spent on educational research. Finally, Hong Kong suffers from extreme income inequality, and the trend toward greater income inequality is ever present. Although some concentration of wealth and knowledge is necessary for growth and large entrepreneurial undertakings, too much concentration stifles worker incentive and endangers economic competitiveness and the regions stock of social capital.

Economic productivity today depends on the ability of workers at all levels to access, understand, and manipulate knowledge to their own advantage and that of their community. Thus, it is encumbent on Hong Kong's government, business, and academic leaders to provide funding to those projects and activities whose goal it is to eliminate wasteful spending, improve worker productivity, and create a better social environment for everyone. The Hong Kong Language Needs Assessment Project is exactly this type of project.

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So as create a close liason between the HKLNA-Project and the project's benefactors and thus insure that the project's goals are met on behalf of all donors, the chairperson for the board of directors shall also preside over the project's principal activities. The duties of the chairperson shall be:

  • preside over all meetings initiated by the Board of Directors or its Secretariat
  • manage the everyday activities of the HKLNA-Project team
  • draft quarterly reports and submit them to the Board of Directors for review and approval before passing them to the Board of Trustees
  • inform the Board of Directors and other members of the Hong Kong and international communty of the project's activities through a regularly distributed newsletter
  • guide the overall direction of research of the project team and insure that the HKLNA-Project goals are met
  • provide counsel to the government when called upon to do so
  • report to the Board of Trustees when called upon to do so
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  Board of Directors

The board of directors shall consist of representatives from the Hong Kong and world community who share a vital and common interest in the objectives and success of the HKLNA-Project. The Board of Directors shall be community members representing a wide variety of economic, social, and political interests who have both the real and potential ability to impact on the regional community and provide advice and counsel to the chairperson. Their duties shall be:

  • meet regularly to approve or reject a quarterly report to be submitted to the Board of Trustees by the Chairperson,
  • depending on the size of the Board of Directors elect a secretariat consisting of individuals with business, legal, and other expertise likely to prove beneficial to the Chairperson in his performance of duties as head of the HKLNA-Project,
  • assist the chairperson in establishing and maintaining contact with other members of the Hong Kong community for the purpose of
    • raising project funds
    • obtaining access to information, and
    • promoting a public image worthy of general community support
  • provide advice and counsel to the Chariperson that is directly related to their own area of specialty
  • participate in an annual get together and inaugural meeting to celebrate the HKLNA-Project and thereby encourage its success.

The powers shall be:

  • determine when the project has been successfully completed and the fund dissolved or redirected toward another purpose according to the wishes of the trustees.
  • remove the chairperson from his duties, when he or his project team are no longer able to achieve the objectives of the HKLNA-Project Fund
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  EARTH-HKLNA Project Team
As the initiator of the HKLNA-Project and Chairman of the Board of Directors the project team shall consist of any employee hired by EARTH for the purpose of promoting, facilitating, or performing research on behalf of donors to the HKLNA-Project Fund and the Hong Kong and world community.
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  Fund Raising
Depending on the scope of the research and the speed with which it is performed the amount of money required to complete the HKLNA-Project will vary. Certainly a sum of money sufficiently large to get the project off the ground will be required. This money can come from one, several, or many sources depending upon community interest and overall support for the project. Once the project has gotten underway additional expenditure may be required and additional funds raised.
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See HKLNA-Project research objectives or return to the organizational chart and click in the desired box near the bottom of the diagram.
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  Information Diffusion

An important goal of the HKLNA-Project is to influence government policy and community development through the gathering, analysis, and dissemitnation of information. To this end the HKLNA-Project shall

  • maintain a public website
  • provide the local and international press with information regarding the projects activities and research findings
  • create a public forum for the exchange of ideas
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