Derivation of Kiu Sau

Two Names Instead of Three

Kiu Sau is Cantonese for Hashimori (Japanese) and Stegemann (German). In English Kiu means bridge. Sau means protect. Thus, together Kiu Sau means a guardian of bridges.

Although most Chinese names are formed by three characters ( a familiy name and two others), many Chinese, who were born on the Chinese mainland during the Cultural Revolution, have only two. In effect I have split my German family name into two Chinese names, and have thus preserved both my Japanese and German identities.

Kiu is a common family name in China -- simply the Chinese character used to represent it is different . As Chinese given names are very flexible, the name Sau easily passes as a Chinese given name. Thus, from a Japanese, German, and American family name a Chinese family and given name have arisen.

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