English or languish - Probing the ramifications
of Hong Kong's language policy
Research Strategy
project index
  • Begin with a solid theoretical foundation - Economic model.

  • Develop and administer survey instruments whose results can separate myth from reality with regard to the apparent need or lack of need of the universal English language requirement - Conceptual model.

    • Project One - Attrition Rate and Usage Measurement Project

  • Develop additional projects that seek to understand the way in which and to what extent the English language is utilized in industry, government, and academia.

  • To this end design survey instruments using high quality analytical tools that are efficient with regard to both the gathering and analysis of data - Analytical tools.

  • Understand and estimate the economic costs and benefits of language education reform using the aforementioned tools and data.

  • Promulgate these results through public presentation, dialogue, and publication - Community interface.