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HKLNA-Project Newsletter No. 20
Monthly Accomplishments (June 2004)
Sing praise or do not sing
Top news
Where does Hong Kong industry perform best when it comes to information technology and telecommunication services? Perhaps with no surprise -- redistributing what others have already produced. See Quality Assessment below.

Government relations
Showing public appreciation toward those in government who help move the HKLNA-Project forward may not be a good idea, as there are others in government who pay their wages and think differently. If you work for government, sing praise or do not sing, appears to be the general wisdom obtained from government officials friendly to EARTH's cause.  It is too bad that a government that claims service to its people,  behaves in this manner.

Community relations
Shhh! Don't tell anyone.
Website additions and maintenance

New additions
  • Quality Assessment
    • Part two of Hong Kong's Information Society entitled Government and Industry was added.  
    • Accompanying this new section are twenty-seven, new, thoroughly referenced graphs, twenty-four new footnotes, a new table, and numerous helpful links to other HKLNA-Project resources.
    • Unless a big information gap is discovered while constructing stimulating digital presentations to sell the HKLNA-Project to potential funders, publishers, and the Hong Kong community this fall, no new major editions to Quality Assessment will be made.

  • EARTH's Viewpoint
  • Tsong Kit for Beginners - Chapter 4 has been completed and uploaded.
  • The index for data collection has been updated in an effort to make finding specific graphs and tables less cumbersome. One large error and several minor errors were found in the previously uploaded section entitled Hong Kong's Information Society - Households and consumers.
  • A little googling suggests that people seeking out the HKLNA-Project are also desirous to learn more about its creator. As these inquiries are rarely direct, a general revision of old, neglected material has begun.

    • IMAGINE - My lost decade in Japan - a book draft on Japanese society that has lain dormant for four years and is in bad need of grammatical revision has been placed first on the list.
    • Already a stiff public rebuttal to false claims made by an old mailing-list nemesis whose ill-will has soiled EARTH's good reputation has been completed.
Software update
  • There were no new purchases.
Strategy Update
It may be that no break will be necessary and next month's newsletter will appear on schedule. Certainly EARTH's first priority from this point onward will be creating a digital presentation and internet presence in readiness for EARTH financial blitz in the fall.

Special thanks to Dr. SIU Hin Ho and YANAGI Toshio for their generous financial assistance, while EARTH struggles to push the HKLNA-Project forward in a timely manner.

Continued thanks to the folks at for their many helpful hints and useful suggestions. This past month marked EARTH's first French-to-English translation assignment in Hong Kong. Hooray for Hong Kong!

Closing Remarks
Please do not forget to take advantage of EARTH's quality translation service.  EARTH's survival might very well be the HKLNA-Project's success!

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