Image of the Chinese character for bridge
Image of the Chinese character for guardian

HKLNA Project

The Hong Kong Language Needs Assessment (HKLNA) Project is a preliminary study that examines the Hong Kong language industry at the turn of the millennium. It is based on data obtained from the Hong Kong Ministry of Education and various other Hong Kong government sources. It looks at the industry from the point of view of government, education, and Hong Kong society as a whole. Included in the study are a large number of comparative data from Singapore and Hong Kong's trade partners, as well as an economic model, descriptive and analytical multivariate statistical techniques, several papers on key issues related to language, and a general overview of the HK English language industry. Although the data is now somewhat dated the conclusions are likely still very current.

Tsong Kit Project

The Tsong Kit Project is a tool for English speaking learners of Cantonese. Not only does it teach the most popular Cantonese input method, but it provides an introduction to Cantonese grammar and vocabulary that has been authoritatively checked by one of the most popular translation societies on the world-wide web.


East Asian Research and Translation in Hongkong (EARTH) was the legal and economic basis for my 7-year sojourn in Hong Kong.