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      A case of severe market distortion.
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    Was intended to replace the more narrowly defined and researched HKLNA Project.
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    A Futile, but Noble Protest Against America's UnAmerican Spoils System.
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Are you?

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Twitter Deprecated

There was a time when this section of the page was filled with tweets from Twitter.

Unfortunately, Twitter is no longer what it was. Though it has improved technologically, it has lost sight of its original mission.

Rather than providing a valuable services to its users, it now caters to our corrupt governmental and corporate establishment that serves itself and those who support it.

I have left for SubStack at aveverum.substack.com. There I am writing about the story of real money and the pressing need for us to return to its use.

The soft, counterfeit money that we use today is a catalyst for corruption and social decay. It is the primary driver of the wealth and income gaps, the trade gap, the boom-and-bust cycle, and the general degradation of society across generations that we are experiencing today.

As soon as the book has been completed, I will turn my Ave Verum account at Substack into a blog post of political and social commentary.

Until then, I wish you my very best

In liberty, or not at all,

Spirit of 2021
in 2022 and beyond.